MY Mother in Law took all her kids on a Caribbean cruise this summer

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lost on Etsy

I crash landed on the Island of Etsy 10 month ago with nothing but my jewelry to sustain me. After the initial fear and shock wore off I set about creating my way of survival on this island. There were others here, I knew I had to make friends with them if i was to survive. I set up my shop and set about looking for ways to carry on until I finally am rescued and can say I survived. I entered the jungle known as the forums.
When I entered the forum jungle I had no idea what awaited me. Every where there were shops set among the trees and foliage of this jungle, each selling something different. Many had fabric items for sale, there were ceramics,there were wooden items, A vast array of beautiful things cause my eye. Then I became aware that there seemed to be alot of jewelry in this jungle. The more I advanced, the more I saw, the more I saw the more afraid I became. How was I to survive in this bright sparkling place.

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