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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Just wanting to help

Hi everyone.

Today I have felt very low. I suffer from depression and some times it really is hard to fight. I see threads in the Etsy forums asking for help for this person and that. I would like to help in some way, but like so many others the times are just too bad and there's not much to spare. I have a very dear friend that is a widow with a 12 yr old son that desperately needs help. she makes too much to get food stamps, she's on a waiting list for a heating assistance program and she and her son wont have a much of a Christmas this year. I so desperately want to help her and her son, I had hoped that I could send her some help with some sales from my shop, but that has dried up also.

Just tonight my husband hit me with the fact he is having to take another paycut to help the company he drives for make it thru the winter. Freight is slow and he's been gone on the road almost a month now trying to keep us going. Jobs are scarce here so I stay home and scrape and try to make a little with my jewelry sales. I know everyone is having a hard time nowdays, and I dont want pity or help. But if you know of anyway I can help my friend out Please let me know. She lives in PA and she really needs some help.

Sorry to vent all this on my readers, I just needed to write it down . Have a great night all.

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